Image of E D E N

Under 10 prints left!

Limited edition of 50 copies made by moi-self on Canson Edition 250 g/qm paper, 100% Cotton. 100 x 40 cm. Signed, dated and numbered, shipped in a sturdy postal tube.

If you have a LUCKY number between 1 to 50, let me know and I´ll send you that copy if available.

Object is charged with super powers to keep snake patriarcal heads away from your creative space.

EDEN shows a landscape scene divided in two parts. To the right, a woman calmly contemplates an art book, while a fluid emanating from her creation center forms a pond that nourishes life and nature. For her to be able to enter that creative state, a warrior woman must protect her from the smelly patriarcal snakes. The equilibrium between personal boundaries and creativity is then perfectly achieved.

Image of E D E N Image of E D E N