Moon Centers


Image of Moon Centers

Fine Art Print on 100% cotton paper, 250 g/qm, printed with a white border.
70 x 50 cm. Signed and dated, shipped in a sturdy postal tube.

Moon Centers speaks about menstruation and it´s part of The Blood Series, a series of images that reflect on femininity, sexuality and power. This painting is inspired by the relationship between women and their blood cycle.

Transcending the limited notion of the menstrual cycle as the blood and ovulation period, Vedic philosophy claims that women have 11 Moon Centers. These centers are associated with specific body parts and energetic states. As she moves through the month, her moon center of influence shifts, changing how she perceives and processes the world around her. A belief that pays attention and celebrates the complexity of the feminine psyche and its dance with the outer world.

Image of Moon Centers Image of Moon Centers